Future Beholding

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How do you pave a way, when there is no way in front of you? How do you build something out of nothing? Where do the pieces to build come from? How do you start?

In trying to build an organization that increases access to dance for people in all communities, I have been stuck dwelling on these questions, wondering where to begin, what it will take. 

Wrapped up in these thoughts, I look back to the beginning of it all, to see where I have gone to know where I will go.


I never saw my account reaching 10k, 50k, 100k, let alone 200k.

I never saw PKBS being able to collaborate with local artists, and now I have had two opportunities to work on projects with the best photographers and ballerinas I know! (second shoot dropping soon!)

I could never imagine PKBS having its own logo, but I've been blessed with the most unbelievable logo ever!

I never thought it was possible to release a website and for it to be successful, but it has been more successful than I could ever imagine!

I never saw myself being able to be put in contact with The National Ballet of Canada or The Australian Ballet, yet PKBS has been put in contact with both. Crazy!

Merchandise being made and released? Unbelievable. Now it's happening soon!


The funny thing is I never saw this coming as young girl who just had a passion to share images of her favourite ballerinas on Instagram, it was just a project, something fun to do. But dedication out of the simple joy of loving what I do, has allowed me to start dreaming of visions untouched. PKBS has become bigger than sharing images, but it now stands to change lives, to encourage people to live in their dreams and step out to start chasing after the unexplored.

The future might be unseen, but it's coming. All I am doing is trusting in the journey of it all, pushing myself to dream for the things I never believed to be possible… because well, who knows what the future holds, but it's taken me this far and I trust the best is yet to come.


Rose (owner of @pinkballetshoes)

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