Romantic Entanglement

Featuring Ellie Ricker by Vsnapshot.

Featuring Ellie Ricker by Vsnapshot.

The feeling. You know. The breathtaking, captivating, feeling when your feet hit the ground and you begin to create fluid movements that lead you into a beautiful romance between you and dance. Every movement tells a story of where you been and where you'll go, leading you to explore places unknown, pushing your body to defy constraining limitations.

To dance is not something you can describe but must be experienced. It extends beyond your mind to express what has always been resting within you.

Think back to the first time you experienced the power of dance. Key word being experienced, it must be something you felt, you lived, you breathed. What did that mean for you? Truly think about that.

I remember the first time I knew what it meant to truly dance, where I danced as my life depended on it. It took place in 2009, when I decided to branch out of the realm of ballet and pushed myself to take a modern class. I was taught to push my body in to new ways, to create shapes unnatural yet beautiful. However, the defining moment where dance became life for me was through our recital piece, “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra.

It started with these gentle sways, with lulls between the music and the dancer. In the simplicity of swaying, our bodies became one with the music and we started to follow it to where it led us. The music drew us to a place of freedom where we chased after the notion that we finally made it home and the realization that we had each found ourselves in our own unique beautiful ways. The ground became more than just a floor, but it became a possibility for each of us to reach new heights, to grasp onto its stability, and to trust in its security. The lyrics "this is a place where I don't feel alone, this is a place where I feel at home” became our reality.

This moment of dance, was more powerful than can ever be described. Simply stated, it was real.

Do you know the fine line where dancing becomes living? Yes? Embrace it, let it deepen who you are. No? Chase after it, experience what it means to fully release.

Rose DavisComment